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Reward offered after man ties dogs to railroad tracks and films two of them getting hit and killed by train

Police in Cleveland, Ohio are searching for a suspect who tied three dogs to railroad tracks and videoed a train run them over.

Two of the dogs were killed by the passing train, while another managed to lie down under the carriage and survive.

A $5,000 reward has been offered by the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals after PETA Director Martin Mersereau suggested whoever tied the animals to the tracks could ‘pose a serious threat to all animals — including humans.’

A CSX bridge monitor witnessed from a distance the dog being tied to the tracks and someone appearing to take photographs or video of it.

Arriving too late to save all three of the dogs, the worker released the third animal but could not find the man who had been filming the restrained pets being run over.

The disturbing act of torture occurred last Friday evening on a secluded area of railroad tracks near to University and Scranton roads in the affluent suburb of Tremont in Cleveland.

The surviving Manchester terrier mix dog is estimated to be around two years old and is being cared for at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter where she has been named ‘Chessie’.

'She's very lucky and very traumatised but she is coming around,' said Shelter Kennel Manager Lesley DeSouza to WKYC.

After a mandated waiting period to allow the owner to reclaim the dog, the survivor will be offered for adoption after Friday, Cuyahoga County animal shelter manager Lesley DeSouza said Wednesday.

The shelter has been getting three email or phone inquiries an hour about adopting the dog, a mixed breed about 22 pounds and 14 inches tall that has been named Chessie, she said.

'She's very gentle. She's playful. She's about 2 years old,' DeSouza said. 'She is amazingly friendly, and she likes to sit on your lap. She's a lap dog. We're just stunned that a dog that went through all this so quickly has adapted herself.'

The survivor had a pink collar that might indicate that she was someone’s pet, DeSouza said.

The remote location without nearby homes suggests the man wanted to harm the dogs without being noticed, DeSouza said.

'Somebody purposely took dogs down to the railroad tracks. It's an isolated area. The chances of being observed are very slim. Obviously, somebody did see him,' said DeSouza.

Speaking of the the unusual depravity of the act in such a quiet neighbourhood of Cleveland, DeSouza was shocked, exclaiming that, ‘This is a first for us.’

The deceased and surviving dogs did not have tags or chips and therefore the police have been unable to identify any owners or generate any leads besides the witness.

The community in Tremont was shocked too.

You have to have a certain mindset in order to think about, perform that, do it, plan it,’ said Tremont resident Steve Duirk.

Police in Cleveland have appealed for any assistance and warned residents of Tremont to be vigilant of their pets.

'It's got everyone upset over here that someone would do that,' said Lt. Mark Ketterer.

'It's awful that someone did that to torture animals, and might be filming it.'

adoptpets: Hope they find this sick SOB soon. He deserves to be tied to train tracks and run over by a train. So glad that good person saved the one puppy. He’s so cute! He has the same markings as my Fancy w/ the brown eyebrows on the black face.
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    If I witnessed this there would not be a suspect there would be a fucking body
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    Fuck that guy. I have never felt such hatred and disgust in someone. Somebody give me a puppy; it’s cuddling time.
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    If I ever saw anyone do this, there would be a homocide
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    It makes me incredibly sad that someone would do something like this.
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    you gotta be reeeaaallll fucked in the head to do something like this
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    this makes me fucking sick
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    uh find him and put him on the tracks please and thanks.
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    poor babies :(
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    people make me sick. Whatever this guy gets wont be enough. He deserves much more pain and suffering
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    I don’t want a reward. I want vigilante justice.
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    Fucking hell. Every time I start to have faith in humanity again. I really hope they find that fucker.
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