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Don't breed or buy while homeless die--always adopt! U 2 could adopt & save the lives of sweet & adorable pets just like I did---just go to!

I am a vegan & my cat (Sassy) & my 4 Long-haired Chihuahua Mixes (Fancy, Buffy, Bubby & Ivory) eat Natural Balance pet food. (Natural Balance has no animal by-products, ash, or meat meal). Go go to check out quality pet food brands in order to avoid brands, which use meat not suitable for human consumption, and possibly even contain euthanized shelter pets (yes that happens!) (more info about that in this post:

Go to once every day to feed shelter animals for free!!!!

Fuck fur, meat, diary, factory farms, hunting, puppy mills, pet breeding, animal experiments, animal testing, & circuses! Animal rights bitches fuck yeah!

What a little TLC can do: Remarkable recovery of abused dogs that went from skin and bone to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with just a few weeks of love

An animal shelter in Antigua has used Facebook to show the progress that their dogs have made since being found in various conditions of distress.

The remarkable photos posted to their Facebook page show how much the Tender Loving Care of PAAWS shelter staff and volunteers can do to help these desperate animals.

As Buzzfeed shows, the dogs are in devastating shape when they are turned over to the West Indies animal shelter where they are then treated for any health conditions and given a new lease on life.
A number of the dogs pictured are ‘success stories’ in that they were adopted by loving families and can now continue their lives out of the confines of the shelter, but there are many more who have not yet had their happy ending.
adoptpets: I can’t get over the transformation of the first dog.
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