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I am a vegan & my cat (Sassy) & my 4 Long-haired Chihuahua Mixes (Fancy, Buffy, Bubby & Ivory) eat Natural Balance pet food. (Natural Balance has no animal by-products, ash, or meat meal). Go go to check out quality pet food brands in order to avoid brands, which use meat not suitable for human consumption, and possibly even contain euthanized shelter pets (yes that happens!) (more info about that in this post:

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Fuck fur, meat, diary, factory farms, hunting, puppy mills, pet breeding, animal experiments, animal testing, & circuses! Animal rights bitches fuck yeah!

New York City subway closed for TWO HOURS so two runaway kittens frolicking on tracks don’t accidentally get ‘fried’

  • Two kittens delayed trains on two Brooklyn lines for two hours
  • The MTA shut down power to rescue the felines
t could have been cat-astrophic, but these runway kittens still have all nine lives in tact after train authorities came to their rescue today.

When two tiny felines were spotted frolicking on the train tracks near the Church Avenue station in Brooklyn about 11am, Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers turned off the power.

Passengers on the B and Q lines were stranded for about two hours while police officers chased the cats down the tracks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a spokeswoman said police officers went onto the tracks to roust the cats so they wouldn’t be at risk. She also said the MTA did not wish to accidentally ‘fry’ the kittens.

Crews suspended regular service from DeKalb Avenue to Brighton Beach and Stillwell just after 11am and provided shuttle buses, according to NY Daily News.

Service was restored once the kitties scurried off the tracks. However it’s not clear what happened to the tiny cats.

The Journal also speculated the MTA’s reaction was so extravagant after it was forced to explain why a dead shark was found on an N train at Queens Plaza earlier this month.

adoptpets: <3 NYC! Good going NYC train authorities.
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