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$1,000 reward offered after dog found stabbed and skinned alive in Detroit remains in critical condition

  • Dog was found skinned and appears to have been deliberately cut
  • Fox Terrier taken to Ann Abor for treatment
  • Vets unable to reattach fur but Patty is expected to survive
  • $28,000 raised in donations so far to help treat her

Police in Detroit are looking for the people responsible for skinning alive a dog.

Patty, a female Fox Terrier, was found skinned from the back of her neck to her ears, along with a stab wound to her side, in southwest Detroit.

She is in serious but stable condition at the Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Ann Arbor.

'Her prognosis is good, but we’ll have to wait and see if some of the skin that was reattached will stay alive,' said Dr. Amanda Houk of the Ann Arbor Veterinary Hospital to Detroit News.

Dr. Houk said the dog will remain at the veterinary hospital for at least a couple more days.

The hospital’s main concern now is controlling pain and long-term wound management.

'A dog can survive without its fur, but we’re concerned about infection,' she said.

'If the dog were out in the wild after this happened, she could have gotten sick from bacteria getting inside the blood,' she said.

A $1,000 reward is now being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Timothy Williams found Patty on his front porch. He told WXYZ he couldn’t believe what he saw.

'It was literally cut from shoulder to shoulder around. It was a perfect cut. She was in shock. She was shivering.'

Neighbors noticed Patty walking around outside with a large patch of fur hanging off of her bleeding neck.

'Her skin is hanging off the side her body and is clean cut from the back of her neck to her ears. This was not an accident. The cuts are perfect and deliberate,' said Joanne Dixon of Providing For Paws.

'Someone owned and loved this dog. Her nails are painted.'

Elisandra Figueroa, an animal rights activist who operates Providing for Paws in southwest Detroit, where she’s lived for 44 years, said the organization is printing fliers to distribute across the city.

'We want to find out who did this,' said Ms. Figueroa, the organization’s volunteer vice president. 'Somebody intentionally did this. They stabbed her in the side of her chest and skinned her from the back of her neck to her ear. This was no dog fight.'

The dog’s fur could not be reattached to her skin but she is expected to survive.

Anyone who believes Patty may be their lost or stolen pet or has information about her injuries should contact Providing For Paws at 734-765-8989.

Donations can also be made to Patty online at and through More than $27,000 has been raised so far.

adoptpets: Who could do this to this little angel? How did she go from having her nails painted by someone to being stabbed and skinned alive. This is so beyond sick and no doubt whoever did this is a psychopath and will move onto humans in the near future. I think with all of the strays in Detroit, it’s giving psychopaths easy access to play out their twisted and demented fantasies of hurting innocent beings. I’m so thankful though for all of the people who stepped up and donated over $27K. These people do restore your faith in humanity.
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