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I am a vegan & my cat (Sassy) & my 4 Long-haired Chihuahua Mixes (Fancy, Buffy, Bubby & Ivory) eat Natural Balance pet food. (Natural Balance has no animal by-products, ash, or meat meal). Go go to check out quality pet food brands in order to avoid brands, which use meat not suitable for human consumption, and possibly even contain euthanized shelter pets (yes that happens!) (more info about that in this post:

Go to once every day to feed shelter animals for free!!!!

Fuck fur, meat, diary, factory farms, hunting, puppy mills, pet breeding, animal experiments, animal testing, & circuses! Animal rights bitches fuck yeah!

More Animal Cruelty at China’s Zoos: Tourists play tug-of-war with a TIGER using a live chicken

  • Tourists tried out the ‘game’ for the first time on Friday
  • Most, even a team of seven, were defeated by the big cats
  • Animal rights activists claim the cruel game falls foul of a new law
  • Government has banned the use of zoo animals for entertainment

The spectacle, which animal rights activists claim falls foul of a new law banning the use of animals for entertainment, is set to launch at Changsha Ecological Zoo, in Hunan province, at the upcoming week-long National Day holiday, according to Beijing Youth Daily.

adoptpets: This comes on the heels of China throwing in a live bunny to test the hunting skills of young leopards, even though the leopards will never be released into the wild & on top of evidence that China is killing their own animals in zoos, like tigers, in order to sell them to taxidermists & to sell the body parts of animals in the black market for Chinese Traditional Medicine.
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