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Hip hip hooray! Hippos fight off crocodile attacking a gnu (wildebeest) and escort the animal to safety

  • Israeli photographer Vadim Onishchenko, 34, captured rare moment
  • He saw a bloat of hippos help the animal in its hour of need
  • It happened on the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya

This is the amazing moment a heroic hippo saved a gnu from certain death.

After being bitten by a crocodile, the large antelope is seen being dragged slowly under the water.

But just in time, a nearby hippo is seen making its way across the water to help the animal in its hour of need.

After chasing the giant crocodile away, the unlikely hero is then seen guarding the creature and even nudges the gnu to the edge of the river in effort to move it out of harms way.

The jaw-dropping moment stunned onlookers including Israeli photographer, Vadim Onishchenko, 34, who managed to capture the rare moment on camera.

Captured whilst on safari in Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya, the exhausted antelope later managed to escape to safety.

Onishchenkosaid: ‘It was an incredible moment, the hippo actually tried to push it out of the water and then guarded the gnu to prevent the crocs getting close.

‘I have heard of cases where the animals instinct is to protect the other species, I think the hippos parental instincts took over.

'The hippos are probably the only animal not afraid of the crocs and I would even say the hippo is the only animal the crocodiles are afraid of.

'I was shooting the scene from our vehicle for more than two hours.

'We saw the gnu escape the water but it stood there for quite a while as I think it was in shock.

'When we left the animal was still ashore and seemed uninjured but we had to leave as it was getting dark.

'Even our safari guide was stunned by the hippos behavior, he said he had never seen anything like it before.

'It was certainly an unforgettable moment, I feel honored to have seen such a spectacle.'

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